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Improved list of comedications

Tuesday 27 August 2013

A further 33 drugs have been added to the list of comedications, taking the total number of comedications on the web and app versions of the charts to over 370. The new drugs have been added to the following classes:
Antibacterials: levofloxacin
Anticonvulsants: pregabalin, topiramate, zonisamide
Antidepressants: agomelatin
Antidiabetics: acarbose, glimepiride, pioglitazone, saxagliptin, troglitazone, vildagliptin
Antimigraine Agents: almotriptan
Antiprotozoals: hydroxychloroquine
Antipsychotics/Neuroleptics: iloperidone, levomepromazine, pericyazine
Anxiolytics/Hypnotics/Sedatives: quazepam
Bronchodilators: salbutamol
Gastrointestinal Agents: bisacodyl, lactulose, prucalopride
Hypertension/Heart Failure Agents: chlortalidone, hydrochlorothiazide, indapamide, lercandipine
Immunosuppressants: etanercept, mycophenolate
Other: carbimazole, disulfiram, epoetin alfa, naltrexone, potassium, ranolazine, ursodeoxycholic acid

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